A Day with Dr. Conan Doyleby Harry How

An article/interview that originally appeared in the August, 1892 issue of The Strand. Illustrated with photographs.

An Account of Wolves
Nurturing Children in Their Dens
by Major-General Sir W. H. Sleeman

The complete article from an 1888 reprinting with additional historical information.

An Autobiographical Sketch of Neil R. Jones

Reprinted from the January, 1937 issue of Fantasy Magazine.

Authors—from an Artist's Standpointby Stanley L. Wood

A humorous article from the March, 1904 issue of Pearson’s Magazine (UK). Illustrated.

Baroness Orczyby the editors of The Royal Magazine

An article from the April, 1902 issue of The Royal Magazine including a picture of the Baroness.

Death By Electrocutionby James S. Metcalfe

Sing Sing Prison and the Electric Chair as they appeared in 1898 from the December, 1898 issue of The Royal Magazine.

George Allan England: The Harvard Yearsby Bob Gay

An in-depth look at England's years as a student at Harvard, including a bibliography of his work for The Harvard Illustrated Magazine, links to stories England wrote while a student and an overview of his first published book, Underneath the Bough.

George Allan England: A 1923 Newspaper Interviewby Archie Kilpatrick

An insightful interview that delves into England's work ethic and creative process.

The Output of Authorsby the Editors of Pearson's Magazine (UK)

Nineteen authors discuss their working habits and writing speed in an article from the April, 1897 issue of Pearson's Magazine (UK).

To Introduce Mr. Hesketh Prichardby the Editors of Pearson's Magazine (UK)

An article from the July, 1903 issue of Pearson's Magazine (UK) including an early picture of Prichard.

Author Collections

The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection

Stories of all types and genres by the creator of Sherlock Holmes, along with a biography and bibliographic information.

The Edmond Hamilton Collection

A selection of works by one of Science Fiction’s Grand Masters including biographical and background content. Illustrated.

The Neil R. Jones Collection

Stories, an extensive biography and ephemera from the creator of Professor Jameson. Illustrated.

The Julius W. Long Collection

The early horror stories by the prolific detective fiction writer.

The Kipling Collection

The Mowgli stories and other works by one of England's greatest writers, complete with a biography and background information. Illustrated.

The Baroness Orczy Collection

Stories by the creator of The Old Man in the Corner complemented with biographical material. Illustrated.

Short Stories

The Archduke's Teaby H. C. Bailey

The introduction of Reggie Fortune from the 1919 collection, Call Mr. Fortune.

The Battle of Woolly Fieldby George Allan England

A Civil War story from the April, 1905 of Leslie’s Monthly Magazine. Illustrated.

The City of Iron Cubesby H. F. Arnold

A story from the March and April, 1929 issues of Weird Tales. Illustrated.

Climax for a Ghost Storyby I. A. Ireland

A story that may have originally appeared in Visitations (1919).

The Clock Face of Schaumburgby Kirby Draycott

A story from the November, 1898 issue of The Royal Magazine. Illustrated.

A Corner in Lightningby George Griffith

A story from the March, 1898 issue of Pearson’s Magazine (UK). Illustrated.

The Crystal Trenchby A. E. W. Mason

A story from the December, 1917 issue of The Strand Magazine. Illustrated.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttonby F. Scott Fitzgerald

A story from the May 22, 1922 issue of Collier’s Magazine. Illustrated.

The Curse of Yig by Zealia Brown Bishop and H. P. Lovecraft

A classic horror story that originally appeared in the November, 1929 issue of Weird Tales.

The Death's Head Meteorby Neil R. Jones

Jones' first published story from the January, 1930 issue of Air Wonder Stories. Illustrated.

The Flying Starsby G.K. Chesterton

Father Brown appears in a Christmas-themed story from the May 20th, 1911 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. Illustrated.

The Ghost Patrolby Sinclair Lewis

A story from the June, 1917 issue of The Red Book Magazine.

The Ginger Kingby A. E. W. Mason

A tale of Inspector Hanaud from the pages of The Strand Magazine.

The Good Angelby P. G. Wodehouse

Keggs, the butler, is featured in a tale that first appeared in the February, 1910 issue of The Strand Magazine. Illustrated.

How Kid Brady Fought For His Eyesby P. G. Wodehouse

A boxing tale that first appeared in the July 1906 issue of Pearson’s Magazine. Illustrated.

How Santa Claus Came to Simpson’s Barby Bret Harte

A Christmas story that originally appeared in the March 1872 issue of The Atlantic Monthly.

In Amundsen’s Tentby John Martin Leahy

A tale of Antarctic horror that first appeared in the January, 1928 issue of Weird Tales

In The Fogby Richard Harding Davis

The atmospheric tale that originally appeared in the March-May, 1902 issues of The Windsor Magazine. Illustrated.

Leiningen Versus The Antsby Carl Stephenson

The classic adventure story first published in the 1930s.

The Melonville Expressmanby Avery Hopwood

A delightful story of love, murder and revenge from the January, 1910 issue of The Strand Magazine. Illustrated.

The Monster of Lake LaMetrieby Wardon Allan Curtis

A story that originally appeared in the September, 1899 issue of Pearson’s Magazine(UK). Illustrated.

The Murders in the Rue Morgueby Edgar Allan Poe

The seminal detective tale that introduced Monsieur C. Auguste Dupin with all foreign and archaic words and phrases translated. Illustrated.

The Mystery of the Raymond Mortgageby F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald’s first published short story that was originally published in 1909.

The Night Wireby H. F. Arnold

A classic tale of horror from the September, 1926 issue of Weird Tales.

No Man’s Landby John Buchan

An eerie tale of the Scottish moors that first appeared in the January, 1899 issue of Blackwood’s Magazine.

The Powder Playby A. J. Dawson

A tale of romance and adventure in Morroco as it first appeared in the January, 1898 issue of Pearson’s Magazine (UK). Illustrated.

Sessions and the Steam-Coalby George Allan England

England's first story as a professional writer from the pages of the January 14, 1905 issue of Collier's The National Weekly. Illustrated.

The She Fiendby the Author of the “Three Days’ Raid.”

A tale of a female pirate from the July, 1901 issue of The Royal Magazine. Illustrated.

The Voice in the Nightby William Hope Hodgson

The classic horror tale originally presented in the November, 1907 issue of The Blue Book Magazine.

Novels & Story Collections

The Chronicles of Don Kate and Hesketh Prichard

The first 6 adventures of the brigand chief of the Andalusian highlands, Don Q., by Kate and Hesketh Prichard as they appeared in Pearson's Magazine with biographical and background information. Illustrated.

The Innocence of Father Brownby G. K. Chesterton

The Father Brown stories presented in the order they originally appeared in The Saturday Evening Post. Illustrated.

The Mowgli Storiesby Rudyard Kipling

The complete Mowgli stories from The First and Second Jungle Books with introductory material by Dan Neyer that discusses the history of the stories and their legacy. Illustrated.

The Old Man in the Cornerby Baroness Orczy

Baroness Orczy's armchair sleuth is featured in the twelve stories from the 1908 collection, The Old Man in the Corner and the rarely reprinted tale, "The Glasgow Mystery." Illustrated.

A Princess of Marsby Edgar Rice Burroughs

A complete presentation of the original sword-and-planet fantasy from the 1917 edition. Illustrated.

The Scarlet Plagueby Jack London

The complete 1915 novel detailing one possible end for humanity. Illustrated.

Stories from The Harvard Illustrated Magazineby George Allan England

Works written by England while a student at Harvard. Illustrated.

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