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While there are many Internet sites that reprint texts from the past, Famous (and forgotten) Fiction does so with a twist. We believe that the creator is just as important as their creations. All our fiction reprints include introductions that either provide biographical information about the authors, or place the work in an historical context. We feel this deepens the appreciation and understanding of these works; you will find biographical and bibliographical materials, historical commentary and even articles throughout the site that may have influenced the creation of much of the material we have reprinted.

On the technical side, the FAFF site uses the current HTML 5 standards combined with CSS3 and has undergone extensive testing. You should be able to experience nearly the same viewing experience across a wide range of devices and, as of 2022, we have done a refurbishment of the site so it is now mobile compatible.

Lastly, we have made every effort to determine the copyright status of all the materials we present: whether they are in public domain or presented under the "fair use" provisions of US copyright law. If you are the copyright owner of any material found on FAFF and feel we have violated your copyright ownership, please contact us at the email address found below and we will remove the material.

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