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The items in this collection were scanned quite some time ago when dial-up was how we gained access to the Internet and computer monitors looked like small televisions: 640 pixels across was the largest screen resolution...heck, screen resolution wasn't the only problem, since lots of monitors were still around that only displayed black and white(!). As a result, the original items pictured here were scanned at a low DPI and sized to fit comfortably into that smaller screen size. Today, although screens can contain more pixels, I no longer have access to most of the original books in order to do new scans, so some of the images may not be quite as clear, or as large, as either you, or I, would like.

A selection of 3D comics
A selection of 1980s and 90s 3D Comics.
The Black Mass of Brother Springer by Charles Willeford
Charles Willeford's fourth novel.
Early Conan covers
The beginning of Barry Smith's run on Conan The Barbarian.
4 Daredevil covers from Lev Gleason
Daredevil Comics from Lev Gleason.
3 Eerie covers
Eerie Magazine #6, 7 and 9.
4 issues of Fantasy Reader
Fantasy Reader.
A whole bunch of Fantastic Four covers
The Kirby/Lee Fantastic Four—Nuff Said!
Nick Fury covers by Steranko
Steranko's final take Nick Fury.
The Boats of Glen Carrig by William Hope Hodgson
Sphere Publishers. Artist Unknown.
A selection of Frew Phantom covers
The Phantom from Australian publisher, Frew.
<p>The LP version of The Prisoner soundtrack featured music cues from <cite>The Prisoner</cite> TV show. I got big bucks for it on eBay.</p>
Speaking of antiques, here is the jacket to an LP (?).
Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend by Winsor McCay
The precursor to Little Nemo by Winsor McCay.
Standard Comics
A really strange reprint collection from Greg Theakston.
2 Superman covers
Nothing like Silver Age Superman covers
Web of Horror 1 and Weird 11
Web of Horror #1 (1969) and Weird #11 (1966)

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