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The items in this collection were scanned quite some time ago when dial-up was how we gained access to the Internet and computer monitors looked like small televisions: 640 pixels across was the largest screen resolution...heck, screen resolution wasn't the only problem, since lots of monitors were still around that only displayed black and white(!). As a result, the original items pictured here were scanned at a low DPI and sized to fit comfortably into that smaller screen size. Today, although screens can contain more pixels, I no longer have access to most of the original books in order to do new scans, so some of the images may not be quite as clear, or as large, as either you or I would like.

The Best Short Stories of Fredric Brown
Lots of Frederic Brown. New English Library, 1982.
Beyond Time and Again by George Metzger
An early graphic novel from Kyle & Wheary Publishers, 1976.
Captain America Covers
Captain America + Kirby = !!!
Conan covers by Barry Smith
Barry Smith"s Conan from Marvel.
Comix International 4
Corben and others in the 4th issue from Warren.
Two issues of Eerie
Warren in the 60s.
High Adventure
Pulp reprints from Adventure House.
Mike Hammer by Mickey Spillane and Ed Robbins
Mike Hammer meets Ken Pierce Books. 1982.
The Sting of the Green Hornet
A well done WWII mini-series from NOW comics.
Four issues of Jimmy Olsen
Insanity—Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen.
The Spirit Dailies from Ken Pierce
The Spirit Dailies. Ken Pierce Books.
Three issues of Dell Tarzan
Dell Comics" Tarzan, painted and photo covers.

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